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PRA has completed its acquisition of Aktiv Kapital. Customers should continue to make payments to Aktiv Kapital until further notice.

Visit for more information on the acquisition.

Helping you deal with your debt

If you’ve found it difficult to keep up payments on a debt, we’ll  work with you to help you become debt-free.

Aktiv Kapital Plus is a simple customer rewards program. If a customer qualifies for the rewards program, it can be used to pay off the remaining balance on an account.


Aktiv Kapital is taking an active approach to think green by getting customers to switch from paper statements to email statements.


Soon enough flocks of young professionals will be graduating from universities and colleges all over the country. If you are a student or your kids are students, you may be worried about paying off any outstanding loans.

While the task of paying off your student loans may seem daunting, it’s certainly achievable.

Here are three tips to get you on the right path:

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